Vacancy in Canada For All Nationality- Production Job in Canada

Vacancy in Canada For All Nationality- Production Job in Canada

Vacancy in Canada For All Nationality- Production Job in Canada


We are currently seeking a reliable, hard-working production worker for our expanding operation. In this role, you will be a valuable part of our production team, ensuring our production quotas are met in a timely fashion while observing the highest standards of safety and

quality. You will need to be reliable and punctual, able to perform physical tasks that are repetitive, and lift up to 50 lbs. on a regular basis. Production worker duties vary based on the factory’s processes and products. Usually, they maintain and operate

production equipment and assist with distributing the final products. They monitor stock levels and help with shipping procedures. Finally, they follow safety policies and detect potential machinery problems early on.


You’ll perform various tasks, including maintaining and operating the machinery and search for potential malfunctions or risks. You’ll transfer the products and equipment, using power tools and forklift trucks. You’ll also keep the facility clean by removing debris and

trash to ensure safety. Note that this position demands stamina and a good physical condition, as you’ll have to regularly lift heavy loads.



Location overview

Country: Canada

Working Position: Production Workers

Salary: $15 per hour

Working Hour: Casual


Basic Duties and Responsibilities


  • Planning and organizing production schedules
  • Assessing project and resource requirements
  • Estimating, negotiating and agreeing budgets and timescales with clients and managers
  • Ensuring that health and safety regulations are met
  • Determining quality control standards
  • Overseeing production process
  • Re-negotiating timescales or schedules as necessary
  • Selecting, ordering and purchasing materials
  • Organizing the repair and routine maintenance of production equipment
  • Liaising with buyers and marketing and sales staff
  • Supervising the work of junior staff
  • Organizing relevant training sessions

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Basic duties and responsibilities

  • Operate production equipment
  • Maintain the warehouse’s machines
  • Assemble machinery parts
  • Store products and materials
  • Meet the deadlines of individual production tasks during shift
  • Report on defective products or machinery
  • Check stock levels and report deficiencies in products or raw materials
  • Keep the worksite clean to avoid hazards from chemicals and fragile products
  • Review and follow manufacturing manuals to build machinery
  • Ensure shipping procedures are timely
  • Transfer equipment manually or with forklift trucks
  • Follow the company’s safety and quality guidelines


Basic requirement to be eligible to work

  • Previously experience as a production worker or similar role in warehouse
  • Good understanding of how production equipment works
  • Knowledge about equipment
  • Basic knowledge of safety and precaution measures
  • Ability to lift heavy and transfer them manually
  • Good communication and working skills
  • Reliable and punctual
  • Basic math, reading and writing skills